Mikodam is an architectural products and furniture brand. It offers a unique solution with its exclusive line of wall and ceiling panels. With Mikodam you can transform your interiors in the blink of an eye and surround yourself with designs that are inspired and personalized. All Mikodam products are sustainable and highly customizable, offering their users the products they dream of.


We always seek progress nourishing our designs with technology and innovations. Mikodam combines its deep-rooted knowledge of traditional design with a forward-looking attitude in modern design. Since the establishment of our factory, we have been using digital design tools, developing continuously.


Design is a search for a better future and an improved present. In today’s world we all have individual needs. Everyone craves designs that are made for them for the ideal sense of comfort. And they want to be freed from limits, living as they wish, doing things whenever they want to. Now, it is time to enjoy each moment, to reach a higher quality in living, to go beyond your limits.


Today, we consume ideas easily and our creative side wants to be nourished with unique environments. Society is mobile, travelling, expanding… And when we settle down, we continue to seek the same sense of mobility, a change of environment. Mikodam 3D wall panels are designed to fit such needs as well.


Customizability is one of our solutions; this way you get to be a part of the creative process, transforming the pieces Mikodam offers into a unique design. Mikodam 3D wall panels are mounted onto a rail system, all panel lines use the same rail system allowing them to be used with one another.


Every second, you hear sounds, embedding them into your mind. Yet when these sounds are uncontrolled, they can turn into a polluted environment full of reverberation and acoustical glare. Acoustics is an important issue that determines the quality of the sounds we take in.

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